Bedding and Jointing Mortars

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  • Spread grout mortar slurry into joints

    Squeegee joint cleaning tool

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  • tuffbed 2-Pack
    A natural, high performance mortar, mixed with specially-blended tuffbau tuffgrit aggregate to make BS7533 c...

    tuffbed 2-pack bedding mortar

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  • tuffbed is a natural, pre-blended high performance bedding mortar, that, after it is cured, is fully compliant...

    tuffbed pre-mixed bedding mortar

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  • tuffbond
    tuffbond priming mortar is a crucial component in modern pavement engineering with strong adhesive qualities t...

    tuffbond adhesive priming mortar

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  • tuffbond Utility
    tuffbond Utility is a bonding and priming mortar used to enhance the adhesion bond between the paving units and bedding mortar ...

    tuffbond Utility priming mortar

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  • tufffix can rejuvenate old paving, giving it a new lease of life, alleviating the need to fully lift and re-lay.Old paving, oft...

    tufffix Joint and bonding repair

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  • tuffgrit is a specially formulated aggregate blend created allowing its particles to freely interlock resulti...

    tuffgrit blended aggregate

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  • tuffjoint Utility Anthracite

    tuffjoint Utility Brush In Grout

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  • tuffjoint Utility Hessian
    Free of charge samples displaying the four available tufftop colours

    tuffjoint Utility colour selection sample

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