Baron electric M200 mixer – Weekly hire

£300.00 ex. VAT

Electric-powered Baron forced action pan mixers are a far more effective and efficient way of mixing dense bedding mortars such as tuffbed 2-Pack. Paddles are driven through the mixing pan, combining materials in a way that a kitchen mixer would mix the ingredients for a cake.

In a traditional bell mixer, the ingredients rely on the weaker action of materials falling together in a haphazard, uneven and more time-consuming way. Mixing tuffbed 2-pack like this often causes a high proportion of the dry mortar to seal and encase small areas of the aggregate, resulting in ball-shaped clumps. Persistent mixing and the careful addition of water eventually breaks these up, but this time-consuming exercise can simply be avoided by using the right tool for the job.

A petrol-powered dual voltage generator, supplied with connection cable is also available to go with the Baron Mixer.

Non-account customers will be required to leave a fully refundable security deposit when placing an order to hire equipment

We will need to know any vehicle restrictions your site has, so we can book the appropriate delivery of your hire.

Machinery can only be hired for use with Steintec products. See our Hire Terms and Conditions for full details.

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