tuffbed 2-pack bedding mortar

tuffbed 2-pack will now only be available to purchase via Steintec stockists, to find your local Steintec stockist visit www.steintec.co.uk/buy

tuffbed 2-pack is the mortar component of an all-natural bedding mortar system featuring a low carbon footprint. It it free of polymer and other additives, and is made by combining high performance tuffbed 2-pack dry mortar, with our specially-blended tuffbau tuffgrit. Mixed in a 4:1 ratio, four tuffgrit to one tuffbed 2-pack.

The unique angular and interlocking structure of the tuffgrit plays a major part in the mixed product’s final performance. The overall strength, flexibility and elasticity of the mortar on its own is enough to meet the BS7533 Standards for modular paving, but mixed with tuffbau tuffgrit and allowed to cure, it also succeeds in meeting the final BS7533 compliance requirements of allowing water to pass through it, and be fully frost proof —  crucial achievements that set us apart from our competitors.

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