tuffbed Utility bedding mortar

£9.43 ex. VAT

tuffbed Utility is a pre-mixed bedding mortar packaged in moisture-resistant 25 kg bags for convenience in storage, handling, mixing and application. Designed for use in domestic driveway, paths and patios as well as public realm, commercial projects which only have a Type A bedding mortar requirement.

It is a requirement of  BS 7533 that ‘The laying course should be frost resistant and allow the passage of water through it after it has cured.’ tuffbed Utility bedding mortar meets this requirement and ALL other requirements of BS 7533 for type A mortars.

A stronger and SuDS compliant alternative to sand and cement. tuffbed Utility cement binder is pre-mixed with 2-6 mm aggregate.

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Delivery charges to mainland UK: (ex. VAT)
£16.00   1 bag
£33.00  2 – 9 bags
£54.00  10 -39 bags
£58.00  40 bags

A maximum of 40 bags can be made in each order. For orders over 40 please contact Steintec for shipping rates.

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