tuffgrit blended aggregate

tuffgrit will now only be available to purchase via Steintec stockists, to find your local Steintec stockist visit www.steintec.co.uk/buy

High-performance tuffgrit crushed aggregate has been specifically refined so its particles freely interlock and can actively extend the strength in both rigid (bound) and flexible (unbound) paving. This makes it ideally suited for applications where heavy trafficking and endurance are a requirement. Its characteristics also ensure that it remains water permeable (SuDS) and free draining, used alone, or when mixed with our range of high-performance concrete mortars such as tuffbed 2-pack or tuffset G.

A crushed igneous rock aggregate suitable for use as the laying course material for conventional unbound modular pavements and as the laying course and jointing material in SuDS permeable unbound modular pavements.

Applications include driveways, public realm, commercial areas, patios and pavements using any paving units.

Aggregate size ranges from 2-6 mm.

Supplied in 25kg sacks or bulk bags.

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