tuffset G high performance mortar

tuffset G will now only be available to purchase via Steintec stockists, to find your local Steintec stockist visit www.steintec.co.uk/buy

tuffset G is a revolutionary high performance product, designed for early heavy-trafficking and other time-critical repairs,

It is also the ONLY 3-hour early trafficking product that achieves FULL BS7533 compliance. tuffset G is a multi-purpose product, that can be used with tuffgrit aggregate for high-performance bedding with early strength gain, and on its own as a high adhesive bond priming mortar, or as a low-shrinkage jointing slurry grout.

It can also be used for general carriageway repair, and to fix damaged concrete, paving, manhole frames and embedded ironwork.

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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