Heavy duty twin paddle mixer – Weekly hire

£60.00 ex. VAT

The twin contra-rotating paddles of this robust 110v German-made mixer are designed to make light work of heavy and critical mixing. Because the paddles are turning in opposite directions, they cancel the rotational torque that can make heavy work of mixing with a single paddle mixer. The blades are also designed to draw the material through them, which has the effect of keeping the mixer steady in the mixing bucket, while mixing the material very swiftly and effectively. Able to mix up to three 25kg sacks at a time, this mixer can comfortably produce 750kgs of grout per hour and is ideal for the rapid, thorough and even mixing of tufftop slurry grout,  tuffbond priming mortar and other Steintec mortar products.


Click here to see a twin paddle mixer in action

Non account customers will be required to leave a fully refundable security deposit when placing an order for tufftrade hire equipment

Machinery can only be hired for use with Steintec products.


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