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The Probst Vacuum-Handy is an inexpensive solution to install non-porous slabs using a vacuum.

The suction force is produced by pressing the device down onto the surface of the slab. Afterwards, the slab can be lifted by hand. Simply release with a fingertip to open a valve.
NOTE: This device must only be used on non-porous materials close to ground level. The device must never be set down onto edges, as this can damage the seal. Set it down on an even surface or lay it down sideways for storage.

Vacuum-Handy VH-1/25

This device can be used by a single operator and should be used for lightweight slabs and short distances. It can help in delivering an accurate and quick installation with no gap in between slabs. Ergonomically, the tool allows for a good working position for installation. You can pick up laid slabs and a robust seal ring can be exchanged within seconds without glueing.


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