Weiss Algae and Moss Treatment

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Weiss Algae and Moss Treatment is a long lasting advanced formula that removes staining from organic growth from paving, paths, patios and below trees. Also effective on roofs, walls and balconies.

Cleaning your paved areas is made easy.

No solvents, acids or caustic soda means it will not damage the treated surface and is safe to use on all natural stone, porcelain, marble, ceramic and any kind of concrete and decorative paving. Notably efficient on areas where algae, moss, fungus, lichen and leaf staining occur.

  • Chlorine free
  • For all types of paving elements
  • Effective on paths, patios and driveways
  • Cleans with no scrubbing required
  • Long lasting effectiveness

Coverage is approximately 10m² per litre of product diluted 1:50 with water, dependent upon the extent of staining and porosity of the surface.


  • Test a small area beforehand to ensure the result is satisfactory.
  • Dilute with Water 1:10 up to 1:20 for removal of stubborn stains or 1:50 when used for mild cleaning and prevention of fresh staining.
  • Apply to a dry surface, using a watering can or a sprayer.
  • No scrubbing is required. Keep area clear for at least 4 hours after applying & avoid applying if rain is forecast.
  • Use a brush / broom & Weiss Professional Paving Cleaner to remove the remaining stain or leave it to weather naturally.

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