Weiss Colour Enhancer

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Weiss Colour Enhancer is a wet-look colour enhancer for natural stone, porcelain and precast concrete paving elements. The Weiss colour enhancer provides a breathable, high resilient subsurface stain protection against marks made by grease, oils, fats, fast food, tyre rubber and footwear.

  • Wet look
  • For all types of paving elements
  • Long lasting protection for your paving
  • No change to the surface structure or slip resistance
  • Interior & exterior use
  • Silicone based


  • Test a small area beforehand to ensure the finished result is satisfactory. This product may allow for a second application on porous paving elements ONLY.
  • Shake well before use and do not dilute.
  • Apply to the upper surface of clean, stain free, dry paving elements to protect against day to day staining.
  • Apply when the surface is between 5-25°C.
  • Apply evenly using a brush, roller or sprayer.
  • Avoid coating sides and base of paving element.
  • Remove excess liquid using cloth or squeegee.
  • Treated surfaces may be walked on after 2 hours.
  • Full protection develops within 2-4 days.

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