Weiss ONEX Concentrate – for algae and moss stains

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Weiss ONEX Concentrate removes and prevents algae and moss stains within hours of use. Weather and mother nature will effectively complete the job over the following weeks, restoring the treated area to its original condition. If time is of the essence, a stiff brush, water and elbow grease will achieve the same results – although to be sure of success,  leave the treated area for a minimum of four hours before cleaning.

It is especially effective for terraces, patios, steps, walls and roofs of natural cast stone, and actively removes all kinds of natural deposits caused by plants and trees, including slippery green growth. Weiss ONEX Concentrate also has a preventive effect, keeping surfaces clear of new green deposits for up to one year, but typically six months.

Coverage is approximately 5m² per litre of product diluted 1:50 with water, dependent upon the extent of staining and porosity of the surface.

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