Weiss Resin and Paint Remover

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Weiss Resin and Paint Remover steadily breaks down the chemical compound found in acrylic polymer, solvent or water based products. Strips out old fashioned stone sealants, polish, paints, graffiti, felt tip pens and all similar chemicals from stone surfaces. Does not work on 2 part epoxy.

  • For all types of paving elements.
  • Dissolves stone sealers, epoxy grout haze, polish, paints, graffiti and felt tip pens.
  • Low-odour.

Coverage is 5-10 m² per litre, depending on the amount of staining and the surface porosity.


  • Test a small area beforehand to ensure the finished result is satisfactory.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation if working in enclosed spaces.
  • Apply when the surface is dry and do NOT dilute.
  • Do not apply to hot surfaces or sensitive materials such as rubber, PVC and painted surfaces.
  • Liberally apply an even coat over the area to be treated using a chemical resistant brush. Do NOT use a nylon brush.
  • Treat the area for a minimum of 20 minutes up to 2 hours depending on the type of contaminant. Solvent sealants or epoxy resins may require 2 hours.
  • Agitate the wet surface frequently using a hard brush.
  • Do not allow Weiss Resin & Paint Remover to dry out on the surface, add more to maintain wetness.
  • For very heavily contaminated surfaces the treatment may be repeated if desired.
  • Wash using Weiss Professional Paving Cleaner with water.

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