Weiss Stain Protect Profi – long-term paving protection

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Stain Protect Profi provides excellent protection against stubborn natural stone or pre-cast concrete pavement grime. Using water-based technology, it is absorbed into the pores of the treated stones close to their surface, where it forms a highly resilient, but transparent and breathable protective barrier. This subsurface system is highly resilient to oil, grease, dirt and chewing gum. All are unable to adhere strongly which creates an easy to clean pavement surface through which moisture vapour can pass normally. The paving is simply easier to clean which reduces long term maintenance costs.

  • Highly oil repellent
  • No reduction in slip resistance
  • No change of colour or surface texture
  • Water-based technology, no waxes, silicone or resins

Coverage is approximately 10-20 m² per litre depending on how porous the surface is.

100 ml sample pots can also be purchased to try out.

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